Twenty-six years have passed since the Champions of Diasminion completed their Task and returned home. The country of Diasminion has altered greatly under the rule of Harata, now the Emperor, and his Empress, former Champion of Clan Empirian, Kat. Boundaries between Clans have collapsed, and former policies of surveillance and order smashed. While many of Diasminion’s citizens enjoy their newfound freedoms, the new order has not been without its perils… gangs run rampant, most of which are arms of the shadowy fascist organization known as “The Ghost Clan”. Rival gangs slaughter each other nightly throughout the countryside as onlookers cower in their homes. The country seems poised at the brink of civil war as the Musubiki, an organization formed to promote peaceful collaboration between Clans, prepares to unveil some of its finest achievements at a huge festival in Mianuus. None of this interests Hironah, daughter of Keyu and Ayaleana, very much, until her adopted father, Blue, dies under suspicious circumstances and she’s asked to journey from Nira to Mianuus with the purpose of discovering the source of the Emperor’s sudden change in behavior… 


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