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Bel? Bel closed Kamitouki in the spring, as he told Hironah he would. He did so with deep regret, but Hironah’s death sealed his suspicion that the school was cursed. He went on to start a new school with another graduate of Kamitouki, following exactly the teachings prescribed by Blue and Takae. He led a happy and fruitful life, finally meeting his end during the Purges, when he refused to give up his Angemal students to an angry mob outside. Takae was his Guide into Elysium, where he stayed until being reborn two years later.

Yume? It took Yume years to get over Yoshiki’s death and the sudden losses of so many in her otherwise sheltered life. She did not return to University and for a time kept herself completely oblivious to the happenings of the outside world. It was only through the love and patience of her parents, Renta, and Tamaki that she finally recovered. Renta and Yume were married one year after Yoshiki’s death. They had six healthy and very happy children (their two sons were named for Yoshiki and Kaiya, respectively). As Yume found joy in her children and nephew, her heart began to heal, guided by Renta. Unlike her own mother, Yume became a model housewife.

Renta? Renta left Sirrah the day after Takae’s death. He realized that Yume needed him far more than the gang did. He left on very good terms- nearly everyone in Sirrah knew of Yoshiki’s love for his family and appreciated Renta’s efforts to protect them in his absence. As civil war swept across the nation, Renta became a security officer for a shipping company in Rien. Though the job was still dangerous, it was closer to home and allowed him more time with Yume. He continued on in this line of work for the rest of his life, until the Purges came and he was forced into hiding. Through the efforts of his nephew Taka, Renta, Yume and their children survived the Purges. Both Renta and Yume, despite all odds, lived to be great-grandparents.

Takae? Taka was Guided into Elysium by Hironah. Having been granted Holy Death as his reward for acting as a Champion, he was reunited with the soul of Blue, finding a peace he’d known only in his earliest years. He helped prepare Hironah for rebirth, then he and Blue entered into the oblivion of Elysium together. Any Night’s Herald to visit that Plane would find them together still.

Uneme/Caiaphas? Once finished executing his plot to ensure the death of the Imperial Couple, Caiaphas no longer had any need for his identity as Uneme. He returned to Pandemonium through the Rift. From there, he extended his influence over the people of Diasminion, causing such events as the Senate Massacre and the Purges in order to plunge the country into the anarchy he wished for. While he was aware that his actions were vile, he tallied the years of Qa Haran’s government and the masses it had killed and felt that, in the end, he was the lesser of two evils. As to whether or not Caiaphas’s secret revolution brought about the utopia he dreamed of, that truth is written in the future…